3 Day Itinerary | Shanghai, China

Shanghai is one of the DOPEST cities I’ve been to AND it happens to be amongst the World’s largest cities! You’ll find Shanghai, with a population of 24 million, to be bustling with energy and activity. With that, the city also has the world’s longest metro system and one that you will be using throughout your trip. The city will leave you in awe with its modern day skyscrapers juxtaposed against the centuries-old temples that survived from various dynasties of rule. With cultural phenomenon running through the veins of this city, this guide will allow you to embark on a memorable experience of 3 days in this Chinese megacity.

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Lodging: Check into – Renaissance Yu Garden Shanghai

  • Among the top 5 BEST hotel breakfasts I’ve had
  • The hotel has a robot employee–Yes, meaning that a robot can deliver you things like water bottles and toothpaste
  • The rooms are spacious and comfortable
  • The hotel boasts a great location with Yu Garden nearby

Day 1: Exploring Shanghai

10am – 2:30pm: Shanghai Free Walking Tour

This tour is available at 10am on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Free walking tours are my favorite and go-to way to see a city. This tour in Shanghai is jam-packed with sightseeing some of the city’s most beautiful and important monuments. In this tour you will see the following:

  • People’s Square
  • The city hall of Shanghai
  • People’s Park
  • The Shanghai marriage market
  • East Nanjing Road pedestrian street
  • The old red light district
  • Local food street for snack break
  • The Bund
  • The biggest clock in Asia
  • Tasting the best fried dumplings in town
  • Yuyuan Garden

You need to make a reservation ahead of time and you can do so here. This tour is FREE but it is encouraged that you tip your guide as many of them may make a living off your tips.

3:00pm: Late lunch at Yu Garden Food Court

The tour ends near the Yu Garden so it’s only right that you explore this beautiful place, next! Although the Yu Garden Food Court is pricier compared to the average Chinese standard (but still affordable compared to those of the West), the diverse and packed atmosphere inside makes it a worthwhile trip!

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4:00 – 6:00 pm: Yu Garden Visit

These gardens are famous in Shanghai. You’ll find endless amounts of locals selling you souvenirs, food, and all sorts of memorabilia in the Bazaar around the Yu Garden Entrance. Spend this time taking in the beautiful, traditional architecture of the area. When you’re ready – head inside the Yu Garden to take some lovely snaps.

For more on the Yu Garden, check out: Visiting Shanghai’s Yu Garden with Arielle Abroad

Nightlife: Hyatt @ the Bund

Check out Vue for one of the best views of the Bund. Upon entering, you’ll be asked to pay a cover between $10 – $20 that will include one drink. This multi-level rooftop bar is an energetic spot with incredible views and lively music.

Day 2: Shopping in Shanghai

I will return to Shanghai again in my life JUST for a shopping trip. I was AMAZED by how beautiful the craftsmanship is in some of the malls of this city.

Reel Mall: This is a mall you can easily spend all day in. You’ll find that on the 4th floor they have pottery making classes, jewelry making, and even wood working! I’ve never been so amazed inside of a mall. You will feel the need to purchase everything. The work in Shanghai is exquisite!  

Address: 1601 Nanjing W Rd, JingAnSi, Jingan Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200000

1pm: Lunch at Qimin Organic HotPot Marketplace (Inside Reel Mall)

It is advisable that you make a reservation before going as this restaurant packs up! This is one of the more beautiful hotpot restaurants I have been in. Complete with a sauce bar and various types of meat and seafood, you can’t go wrong with this joint.

3:00pm: Bargin Hunting at AP Plaza

This is Shanghai’s largest “fake market”.  You’ll find this plaza located on Metro Line 2’s Science and Technology station. Everything from fake Gucci loafers to Hello Kitty Furla bags, you can find in this market. If you’re not familiar with bargaining, here are a few tips –  A best practice is to visit various shops in a market to get an idea of the average price. Then select a shop and start negotiating the price by aiming 20-40% lower than the average you’ve seen around. Remember to stay calm and never raise your voice. If the shop owner is not willing to meet you at a price, I find that walking away will catch their attention.

6:00pm Dinner and Shopping @ Nanjing Road

On this road, you will find endless amounts of retailers, plazas, and food courts. Shanghai is known for it’s multi-level food courts. If you are a foodie, then this is your foodie heaven.

Day 3: Disneyland Shanghai

This is the clutchest Disney experience EVER. Costs half the price to go (~$57), and I didn’t wait for more than 12 minutes for a single ride! Talk about breezing through the park. Make sure to try one of the egg tarts at the park!

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