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If you’re a boss babe bouncing around the globe on a budget, look no further. I’ve got you covered to make your travels just as ballin’ and bodacious as you are, while not breaking the bank. I’ve read tons of reviews or owned the items below, so be assured and buy with confidence!


RFID Blocking Passport Cover | $14

This beautiful marble RFID Blocking technology will protect your passport identity, credit cards, and license from electronic pick-pocketing, otherwise known as RFID skimming.

Tile – The Anything Finder | $20 

If you’re traveling with anything of value–a camera, laptop, fine jewelry, etc–you may want to consider placing a tile on your item(s). This technology allows you to track the location of your items, which can be a lifesaver if they go misplaced abroad.

Fold-able Beach Hat | $14

The ability of your fedora style hat to fold is important when you’re traveling. I can say from rookie mistakes that if it doesn’t properly fold, it will get ruined in your luggage.

Cardigan Travel Shawl | $35

This elegant carry on a sweater is fit for multiple purposes. It can be worked in various ways and it is light and easy to pack. The perfect blend of comfort and style. Not to mention – the go-to pullover for those chilly flights!

Chic Leggings | $18 

With every airport outfit comes a pair of leggings. These leggings are great for working out or casual everyday wear.

Comfy Travel Shoes | $29

As a frequent traveler, you know it’s all about striking a balance between cute and comfortable. These shoes are lightweight and easy to slip on–the exact equation needed for travel shoes.

Chloe Travel Size Perfume | $15

Since having a travel-size perfume on you is a must, here is one of my favorite scents. Especially after those long-haul flights!


Kate Spade 2019 Planner | $36

I’ve been using this planner for the last 3 years and it’s become an integral part of my career, life, and travels.


Boss Lady Pen | $24

We love making statements with our accessories. Plus–statements are great conversation starters for those frequent travelers.  Whether you use this to sign forms or write in a journal, a statement pen is a staple for the savvy business traveler.

Portable Power Bank | $26

I cannot stress enough the importance of having your phone charged in foreign places. Not only do you want to be able to capture your adventures, but as a safety precaution for solo-female travelers–our phones can become critical in vulnerable times!

International Adapter | $18

Even if you’re not traveling abroad, this adapter comes in handy with its four USB ports, allowing you to charge multiple devices at the same time. The adapter works in 150+ countries. Note: it does not convert voltage.

Lightning Cable | $15

This six-foot cable comes in handy when you need your devices charged lightning fast–and possibly in a foreign hotel room where there’s only one outlet several feet away from the bed! This cable includes an additional layer of protection to improve durability and reduce fraying.

Travel Cable Organizer | $10 

With all these tech devices and cables, the key to traveling smart is staying organized. This compact case is shockproof and smooth for a comfortable grip.

Portable Makeup Mirror | $16

You never know during your travels when you have to get ready in a tight spot. This mirror packs up like an iPad and is the perfect size and weight to slip in your bag next to your laptop.


Mini 2-in-1 Straightener/Curling Iron | $27 

This ceramic flat iron is ideal for traveling as it minimizes space and provides two styling techniques. It has worldwide dual voltage and comes with a carrying bag.

15 – Piece Makeup Brush Set | $13

Remember that fly marble RFID blocker you got? This brush set and the next few items will add a splash of marble to your travel collection–just to keep things cute and distinctive. Being on the road doesn’t mean that your makeup routine needs to fall short! These lightweight brushes are ideal for traveling.

Marble makeup Brush Cylinder Storage Box | $12

I’ve learned through my travels that it’s better to keep your brushes separated from the rest of the makeup so any remaining product on your brush doesn’t spread over onto your makeup bag. This travel-friendly holder is easy to carry and portable.


Marble waterproof Leather Makeup Bag | $25

This easy to clean makeup bag comes with various compartments to organize your travel products in. It is easy to carry and a good fit in your luggage.


Luggage Tag | $10

It’s no surprise that airlines are infamous for losing luggage. Having an identity on the luggage is crucial to help distinguish your bag in the case your bag ends up lost with the airline.


Sleep Whale Mask | $16

This sleep mask is made of breathable material that permits oxygen in and out, less friction that may affect the face, and protects the pores and skin. The perfect mask to go with your satin jammies!


Organic Rose Water Spray | $15

Traveling frequently calls for hydrating yourself and your skin. It’s advisable to travel with water spray and replenish your skin and pores during and after long flights. I prefer to use rose water because of the scent!

12 Anti Wrinkle + Energizing Eye Masks | $21

The trick to looking like you’ve had 8 hours of sleep. These masks come in clutch for those red-eye or early morning flights–enjoy!



You can access the complete list of these items on this Amazon Wishlist. 

Happy shopping!


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