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A Look Into Hip Hop & Entrepreneurship at Diddy’s Revolt Summit | Atlanta 2019

What is the Revolt Summit?

The Revolt Summit Series rocked Atlanta this past weekend and I soon came to realize that the Summit is the only one of its kind. Revolt is a multi-platform network founded by Sean “Diddy” Combs that represents and amplifies all elements of culture to the hip hop nation. This three-day event offers young people an opportunity to hear from executives, content creators, star-makers, artists, musicians, producers, celebrity photographers, and the list goes on. The intent of the summit is to provide an opportunity for the community to hear and learn from movers and shakers, network with industry professionals, and celebrate the power of hip hop.

  • The Power of Hip Hop | Revolt Summit

This weekends event in Atlanta brought together some of the most influential in the game. The power and energy felt there was unlike any other. Panelist included: DJ Khaled, Timbaland, 2Chainz, Swizz Beats, T.I., Killer Mike, Jeezy, Jermaine Dupri, Remy Ma, The-Dream, Teyana Taylor, Quality Control, and several others. It was no doubt a star-studded event and what made it even more special was how real everyone kept it on their panels, even at times allowing themselves to be vulnerable. Most importantly, the level of passion that was felt day in and day out was palpitating. The Revolt Summit created a community of believers, for believers.

What Can You Expect at the Revolt Summit ?

Every day is lined up with panels, office hours, auditions, and concerts. On the Revolt Summit grounds there were several art installations, vendors giving out free swag, and food trucks cookin’ up southern comfort. Read on for a breakdown of the highlights!

Office Hours:

Revolt offers summit go-ers a chance to sign up for a ten minute one-on-one with an industry professional of their choice. Spots are limited so you have to follow the Revolt Summit Instagram page to know when they release office hours. I had the opportunity to meet former Hawks player and current Chairman of the Board of the Atlanta Film Society & Film Festival – Cal Bowdler, as well as Partner at Collab Fund, Barry Givens. Being able to network with these industry professionals was worth the ticket price in itself.

Panel Topic Highlights:

Stay Ready So You Don’t Have To Get Ready: With the focus being on fashion, celebrity stylists Bobby Wesley and Derek Roche joined alongside designer Heather Sanders on the discussion on the latest trends in the industry, dressing the stars, and how to be unique in your presentation.

Combs Cartel: Diddy brought out his three sons, Quincy, Justin Combs, and Christian Combs with DJ Khaled moderating the discussion. This panel gave insight on what it’s like growing up to a father that’s one of the most successful men of his times. It was beautiful to see how grateful and aware each of his sons are and how they cope with challenges and failures. From having his boys be present in meetings at a young age to having them represent Diddy to seal deals, no doubt that these guys will continue his legacy. As Justin says ‘ Being fly is in the DNA.’

Who Shot Ya: Photographer Cam Kirk, who has produced work for a variety of hip hop artists such as Future, Gucci Mane, Young Thug, Jeezy, T.I., Schoolboy Q, etc. shared how his pursuits of attending Morehouse College to be a doctor quickly evolved when he decided to take a loan out to get Wiz Khalifa to perform at a college party. He has since gone on to become one of the most recognizable photographers in the game with publications across magazines such as Spin, Complex, Vice, and more.

The Pioneers: A panel with industry executive Shanti Das, Jermaine Dupri, Rico Wade, Dallas Austin, and Tricky Steward discussing the establishment of Atlanta’s unique sound in the entertainment world and the culture that raised it. Shanti Das straight crushed this panel. Being one of the few women at the top, she spoke to the work in the industry not just being a job–but a lifestyle. There are many days where the meetings evolve from dinner parties, to the club, and off to the strip club and so forth.

The Art of Independence: Rapper Russ shed light on how many artists end up walking away from deals with hardly anything when multiple hands get involved. He shared that 5% is too much for a lawyer to be taking out of any negotiation deal, lawyers should be paid either hourly or by salary, and the industry standard around this must change to be fair to the artist.

The Making of: Love Renaissance (LVRN): LVRN is the record label to which Atlanta’s newest sensation, 6lack, is signed. With three young founders on the panel, they discuss the history and making of their record label and their aspirations of the future.

The Making of Quality Control: Pierre “P” Thomas and Coach K shared with us the story of their production duo and how they were one wrong decision away from filing bankruptcy to bringing to light one of the most iconic hip hop groups of our times–The Migos. With 2Chainz moderating the dialogue, they spoke to being more than just artists and producers. They are business men and here to make a difference in the Atlanta community.

Fun fact #1 – 2Chainz donated $2M worth of Christmas gifts last year.

Fun fact #2 – 2Chainz has a nail salon opening in Atlanta this week.

Hip Hop & Politics: Fitting that they kept the panel on politics for the end of the summit. Although the intent was on staying informed for the upcoming 2020 elections, things got heated as the panelists had polar views on situations and the crowd felt like an episode of Maury.

Pro Tip #1: If you plan to attend, I encourage you to speak up during the Q&A sections of the panels. There were a few lucky ones that spoke up and got noticed–with one attendee walking away with an interview with Quality Control, another that Diddy requested join his Revolt team, and one whom Terrance J sent a PayPal of $100 to in front of the audience. You never know who’s eye you may catch!

A quick download of the Revolt Summit App will keep you plugged in of all the events during your time there.

Who should attend the Revolt Summit?

There was focus on tech, entrepreneurship, producing, rapping, singing, being in business, photography, styling, and everything hip hop. Even if none of these topics apply to you but you’re a hip hop junkie, this summit is more of a community and educational event than anything else.

How much does it cost to attend the Revolt Summit?

Prices fluctuated throughout the lead time to the event. I saw General Admission prices go from $475 to $249. And then was able to snag a promo code that allowed me to attend the event for around $100. VIP tickets are also available which give you exclusive access to the panels (better seats) as well as separate events such as a VIP Brunch and Happy Hour.

Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Diddy, Sean Combs

Whatever it is that you call this man, I had to make sure there was a section in this post dedicated to him. Diddy has created an opportunity for creatives and hip hop enthusiasts to come together in way that has never existed before. He has fostered a community around the culture of hip hop through the genre’s infectious power. From being present every day throughout the panel discussions, being an overall hype man, being thoughtful in his messaging, and even being downright silly enough to clown on himself in front of all the attendees, Diddy is a true success story and was a force during the entirety of the event. It’s evident from the way he commands attention through genuine language when speaking into the mic, from the way he raises his kids, and from the way he manages his deals. Finally, it’s evident from what he has done and continues to do for the hip hop community by bringing professionals of different levels together in order to brew new opportunities. As he says, can’t stop won’t stop and he surely lives by that. Thank you Sean Diddy Combs–you are a true definition of an inspiration.

The Revolt Summit will be back this year in Los Angeles October 24 – 26. Click here to get your tickets.

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