What To Pack For The Philippines | Tao Experience

Heading to the Philippines on a tour with Tao? Get ready for a trip of a lifetime! Doing a tour with Tao calls for preparation. Below is a list of items that are highly recommended to ensure a successful trip. You can also access this complete list on Amazon.

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Full-face snorkel Mask | $38 

Despite the fact that Tao will provide you with a standard snorkel mask, having experienced one of these full face masks, I can’t go back to a normal snorkel! This mask gives so much more autonomy and visibility while snorkeling and will completely enhance your dive.

Water Shoes | $13

There will be some beaches that may have some rough coral around the shore. You will want to have Water Shoes on for most of your dives.

Dry Bag | $15

Dry bags are a necessity during the expedition! This is how the Lost Boys will transport your clothes, devices, etc. every night from the main boat to the island camp by kayak. You’ll have the opportunity to get fresh items from your luggage at the end of every day.

Portable fan | $16

Although the evenings are cooler in the Philippines, I still had challenges sleeping with the hot tropical weather. If you are someone that needs a cool room, definitely bring a portable fan. This fan is great as it can be charged via USB and will last you all night!

Portable Charger | $49

There was only one night during our 5-day tour that we had electricity at a campsite to charge up. I recommend having at least two of these on you during the expedition to charge your phones, cameras, portable fan, etc. You will want plenty of juice especially in your camera devices to capture the beauty of the Palawan archipelago!

Universal Power Adapter | $12 

Can’t travel the world without one of these! This model is a must-have as you can charge up multiple devices with the two built-in USB ports.

Universal Phone Waterproof Case | $8

Typically on the Tao cruise, you’ll get to the island or camp by diving into the water and swimming to the shore. Although it’s important to take this time to disconnect, you will absolutely want to take photos when you see the beauty of the islands. This case is great for protecting your phone while you snorkel over to the beach!

GoPro with Travel Kit | $424

This trip was my first time using a GoPro and the quality of the photos it produced was mindblowing! Definitely recommend to take a GoPro with you on this trip for the amazing high-def images and wide angle capture nature shot capabilities. See some snaps below. I would not recommend a DSLR or mirrorless camera for this trip.

Waterproof Kindle | $130

This is a new Kindle released from Amazon. Not only is it waterproof, which is great for this island tour – but it has 2x the storage space! Do not go on this trip without a couple of books. There is plenty of downtime out at sea to do nothing but enjoy the sun and read.

DJI Mavic Air Drone | $795

If capturing pictures is one of your hobbies, this is a great way to enjoy and photograph the islands. I found the DJI Mavic Air to be ideal for traveling due to it’s size and easy set up. I was able to throw this into a dry bag with no problem or concern. I recommend purchasing two batteries for the drone.

Check out some drone footage here below!

Hydro Flask Water bottle | $29 

It’s important to stay hydrated on this trip and plastic water bottles are not allowed on the Tao boat! The Tao crew does a great job of providing large jugs of water that you can use to refill your personal bottles. Make sure to pack your own so you can replenish throughout the day. Great thing about the Hydro Flask is it will maintain the temperature of your beverage for up to 24 hours!

Portable Mosquito Zapper | $17 

I know this is hella extra, but if I did Tao again, you bet I would have taken this mosquito zapper with me! If you are highly prone to mosquito bites (like me), it’s important to take the right precaution. Repellent spray did not do the trick for me. Great thing about this zapper is it will last all night and is chargeable by USB.

Bathing Suit Cover Up | $17 

It can be slightly chilly between islands as you’ll be cruising on the boat. You’ll want a cover up to help with the island hopping goosebumps.

Eye-cover | $14 

When the sun rises early in the morning (before 6am), you will be thankful for an eye-cover to get a little bit more sleep in!.. Especially if you spent the evenings drinking Jungle Juice brought to you by the Lost Boys 😉

Headband for frizzy hair | $10

If you have wild hair (like myself), you’ll want a headband to hold it.

Fold-able Beach Hat | $14

The ability of your fedora style hat to fold is important when you’re traveling. It is important to have some sun protection so make sure to bring a hat with some coverage.

Don’t forget to pack lots of sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and body wash to get you through these beach camping adventures. Stay hydrated, fam!

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