Austin Bachelorette Weekend | The ULTIMATE Epic Weekend Guide 2024

Planning am Austin Bachelorette Weekend? Good choice–the Texan capital happens to be ONE of the Bachelorette party epicenters, a leading music haven, and an all around party hotspot. So ladies, let’s boogie!  Don’t stress about the planning–I’ve made this guide short and sweet, so it has you covered on exactly what to do, where to eat, and where to play for an epic weekend. Just make sure to make reservations for all of these activities in advance and you will be set!


Best time of year to do a Bachelorette in Austin:

It’s recommended you plan your trip during the summer/spring so you can enjoy Lake Austin to the fullest extent possible. Austin has 300 days of sunshine every year–so overall, as long as you avoid the surprisingly chilly mid-winter, you really can’t go wrong with when you plan to go!


Where to stay in Austin: 

Here are the 3 neighborhoods we recommend you stay in Austin. Airbnb/VRBO are solid options

  • Downtown Austin
  • South Congress
  • Eastside


Day 0: Arrival into Austin

Welcome to Austin! Settle into your Airbnb and head on over to Loro for dinner and drinks. Loro has a nice, laid-back ambiance and a large porch for sippin’, for those that like a drink of course 😉


Loro Restaurant Austin, TX


Loro Restaurant Austin, TX

Address2115 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704


Day 1: Austin Lake & Rainey Street


Start the day with breakfast at Better Half.


Better Half Restaurant - Austin, TX


Better Half Restaurant – Austin, TX

Address406 Walsh St, Austin, TX 78703



Austin Bachelorette Weekend

Y’all! Partying on the boats in Lake Austin is a HOOT. At first I thought we may be the only folks out there on a Friday afternoon, but it was lined up with other boats and pontoons. Make sure to make a playlist of your choice, pack some White Claws, and have a blast. Your selected charter company will advise you on where and when to meet to load onto the pontoon for the day!


We booked with ATX Party Boats, which offers full-cost transparency on their website. Make sure to book in advance as the experience is purely based on availability.


Cost: $515 + Tip


Your time on the lake might last between 3-4 hours on average. You’re welcome to stay on longer for a higher quote. I advise that you don’t party TOO hard, because you’ll need some energy to keep it going on Rainey Street later 😉


Austin Bachelorette Weekend


Outside of Unbarlievable in Austin


Rainey Street is Austin’s popular bar district lined up with cottage-style pubs and bars, making for a charming night out. You can grab dinner at the Rainey Street Food Truck corner and then make your way over to the bars.


Address82 Rainey St, Austin, TX 78701


Our favorite bar, which you can’t miss on Rainey Street was Unbarlievable. This circus-themed bar has a massive giraffe out front, a slide in the back, and a stage set up in the backyard for live bands to play. It’s full of energy and people so try to get there at a decent hour before it gets packed!


Address76 Rainey St, Austin, TX 78701



Day 2: Explore Austin


Brunch moves at Upstairs at Caroline’s


Upstairs at Caroline's - Austin, TX


Upstairs at Caroline’s – Austin, TX

Address621 Congress Ave Suite 201, Austin, TX 78701


Bridal game of the day: Any time someone acknowledges the bride or says anything about getting married, everyone has to drink.



Spend the day exploring/drinking through Downtown and S. Congress

Stops to make along the way:



The ladies are dressing up in all black tonight (minus the bride of course)! Saturday night is THE night for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Don’t be surprised if you’re not one of the 3 parties at dinner tonight at Jacoby’s southern restaurant.


Address3235 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702


This night is reserved for the ultimate turn up for the bride. Spend the night hopping around Austin’s 6th Street bars (Also known as the ‘Dirty Six’). Let the world know your baby girl is getting married and celebrate like no other!



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