This itinerary is going to show you how to do a 4 day trip to Bali on a budget. This trip was one I took with my girlfriends right out of college so we were keen on saving the dough but still seeing what all Bali had to offer. You will spend 2 nights in Seminyak and one in Ubud to maximize sightseeing with this itinerary. Before diving into the day by day below, here are a few things you should know before visiting Bali, Indonesia:

Is there a visa requirement for U.S. Citizens when visiting Bali?:

– No Visa is needed for US citizens entering Indonesia if the trip purpose is tourism for <30days

You can stay current with visa requirements here

What type of group is recommended for traveling to Bali?:

– Bali is a great destination for couples, group of friends, families and solo travelers.

What is the recommended length of stay when visiting Bali?:

– We felt that at least 5 days would be sufficient, unfortunately we had only three days and Bali so  this itinerary will show what to do the first 3 days of your trip.

What is the language spoken in Bali?: 

– Indonesian is the most common language. Not everyone knows English. The city deals with a fair amount of tourism so you will be able to find your way around

Do U.S. Citizens need any vaccinations when traveling to Bali?:

– No vaccinations are required for US Citizens

Is Uber available in Bali?:

Uber is available in Bali and affordable!

What is the rate of currency in Bali against the U.S. Dollar?:

– Rates fluctuate but $1USD ~ $13,741 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)

Can you drink the tap water in Bali?:

– Avoid consuming any tap water in Bali

When is the best time to visit Bali?:

Best time to visit Bali is April – September, just after their high season. NYE is the busiest time of the year to go


The Itinerary – 4 days, 3 nights: Bali, Indonesia


Day One: Bali (Seminyak)


6:00pm: Arrive in Bali

7:00pm: Check into M Boutique Hostel in Seminyak

Seminyak is one of the more sophisticated parts of Bali. You’ll find tourists from all over the world, especially Australia here. It’s commercialized to an extent but most of the offerings are unique to the country.

8:30pm: Dinner at Earth Cafe Seminyak

1:30am: Sunrise Hike Mount Batur

I know, a 1:30am start to a hike sounds BRUTAL (to some). But TRUST ME. You don’t want to miss this adventure. This was one of the highlights of the trip.

You get picked up and drive more or a less an hour to a base area of Mount Batur. You’re not starting all the way at the bottom. It ends up being about a 2.5 hour hike.

When you get to the top, you will be ABOVE the clouds. Watch the moon go down behind you, and the sunrise in front of your eyes. Absolutely incredible experience

Good luck coming down. Mount Batur has erupted before so it’s difficult to come (slide) down. Make sure to wear the right shoes and dress in layers.

The tour costed us $40 per person (2016 prices). It included a pick up from Seminyak and the drive to and back to Mount Batur which is two hours each way. The hike is a 2.5 hour hike with a buffet breakfast waiting for you after. Talk about a great experience for $40!



Day 2: Bali 


1:00pm: Arrive back from hiking tour in Seminyak

Activities: SLEEP. Snorkel/beach time/beach clubs

Suggestion: start in Seminyak then go to Kuta beach on the way to Uluwata

6:45pm: Watch sunset and Kecak Trance Ceremony in Uluwatu

Cost less than $10 USD

Late Night: Hit the beach clubs/bars in Seminyak


The above two are walking distance from one another. Enjoy a drink at the W and take the beach path over to Potato Head Beach Club

Day 3: Bali (Ubud)


Now Ubud is just absolutely magical. The town is basically in the middle of a rain forest. The climate is humid and when it rains in Ubud, it sure does pour.

This town is rustic when compared to Seminyak. It is covered with shops where locals are selling handmade arts and jewelry. You’ll find plenty of places to explore in Ubud like the infamous rice fields and monkey farm.

8:00am: Leave Seminyak à Ubud

Check into a Jati Homestay Hostel in Ubud ~$14/night

Day activities for Ubud:

5:00pm: Leave Ubud for Pura Tanah Lot(Hindu temple) for Sunset


6:45pm: Watch Sunset at Tanah Lot

Day 4: Bali


6:00am: Sunrise Yoga class @ The Yoga Barn – Bali

This class is in a barn right in the middle of the rain forest!

8:30am: Tour coffee farm

The tour company we booked Mount Batur with allowed us to visit the coffee plantation on a different day. This is another experience you want to be a part of. Bali is known for their unique coffee…made out of cat poop…yes, you read that right.

10:30 am: Leave hostel, end of 3 day trip!