Encuentro Beach Breakfast at the lodge

Best Restaurants in Sosua and Cabarete | Luxury Dining Dominican Republic

Nestled along the sun-soaked shores, Cabarete and Sosua in the Dominican Republic offer a rustic charm that speaks to the untouched beauty of these beach towns. While the culinary scene is still in its development phase, providing limited luxury and high-end dining experiences, the local flavors have their own allure. In this article, we explore the best restaurants in Cabarete and Sosua, offering a mix of unique settings and delectable dishes that capture the essence of this coastal paradise.

1. Lunch or Dinner at Sea Horse Ranch in Cabarete

Seahorse Ranch Cabarete Lunch, Pool and cliff views

Amidst the rustic landscape, Sea Horse Ranch stands out as a gem. Making a reservation is essential to secure your spot in this cliffside restaurant – they won’t let behind the entrance gates without one. The breathtaking views of turquoise blue waters crashing against the shore make it an ideal spot for lunch or dinner. Experience the serenity of having the place to yourself during lunch, while evenings come alive with live music (mostly enjoyed by an older crowd). The reasonably priced menu features delights like the flavorful shrimp scampi.

2. Encuentra Surf Lodge Cabarete for Breakfast:

Encuentro Beach Breakfast at the lodge

For a relaxed and jungle-like start to your day, Encuentra Surf Lodge offers a delightful breakfast experience by Encuentro Beach. With a laid-back atmosphere and included breakfast for hotel guests, the vibe is both refreshing and calming. Don’t miss out on ordering a freshly squeezed juice and trying their local coffee. The prices are reasonable, making it an excellent choice for a morning meal.

3. The Restaurant at Natura Cabana, Cabarete

Sound bath meditation at Natura Cabana, Cabarete, Dominican Republic (DR)

Natura Cabana is not just a hotel; it’s an experience. After a soothing sound bath meditation and a captivating sunset, indulge in the culinary delights offered at their restaurant. Set in a jungle-inspired outdoor setting with a menu that boasts a variety of seafood options, providing a unique and delightful dining experience. 

4. Vagabond Coffee Shop at Kite Beach, Cabarete

Vagabond Coffee Shop, Kite Beach Cabarete Dominican Republic

Tucked away behind Kite Beach, Vagabond Coffee Shop is a hidden oasis for coffee enthusiasts. Offering a cozy vibe in the midst of a jungle, it’s a great spot to grab a cup of coffee, waffles, or a quick bite. The well-decorated property enhances the overall experience, making it a perfect retreat after a day of exploring, not to mention, an easy place to park while you enjoy Kite Beach.

5. Dining at the Luxury Club Marriott, Sosua

Luxury Club Marriott Sosua Dining Shrimp Scampi

Experience luxury dining with Club Marriott, the property features three restaurants with stunning ocean views. Note, not all of them are open throughout the week. Despite the opulence, we were surprised by the little traffic, this place from an interior and vibe perspective is one of the closer experiences to fine dining. Read about our stay at Club Marriott [link to article].


6. Bliss Italian Restaurant, Cabarete

Bliss Italian Restaurant Cabarete Dominican Republic

A local recommendation led us to Bliss Italian Restaurant, a perfect spot for a romantic dinner. Owned by a charming husband and wife, the restaurant offers an intimate setting with delectable Italian cuisine. Don’t miss the chance to savor their exquisite beef carpaccio.

7. Osteria Toscana, Sosua

Osteria Toscana Sosua Dominican Republic

After our scuba dive, we found Osteria Toscana tucked away at the corner entrance to the Sosua beach. Please order their seafood pasta which we basically asked them to make off the menu. Truly the best seafood dish we had our entire trip from a fish perspective. 

Although Cabarete and Sosua offer limited fine dining experiences, we were still able to find some spots that offered beautiful cliffside views, breakfast in the jungle, and an intimate Italian dinner.

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