Coachella Outfits Under $40 From Amazon

Planning what you’re going to wear to Coachella is all part of the fun! Looking chic and sexy doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. After spending money on lodging, tickets, flights, etc. you’ll want to find a place to save some dough. Check out these various styles–from boho to rave chick. All items are available on this Amazon list and are listed under $40.

Please note – prices are subject to change at the supplier’s discretion.

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The Bohemian Chic at Coachella

This is probably the most common look you’ll find at Coachella. It’s flirty, classy, and comfortable. You really can’t go wrong with it!

The BOSS Bitch at Coachella

For the chick that’s a bad ass trying to rock out at Coachella with a leather skirt and boots.

The Rave Chick at Coachella

The Laid-back Chick at Coachella

Crop tops and denim. We love jazzing up this look with some glitter and body tats!

The Extra Chick at Coachella

This is exclusively for the uber-confident chick that is trying to STUNT.

(Note, prices are subject to change)

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