Kite Surfing at Kite Beach in Cabarete, Dominican Republic (DR)

What to do in Cabarete and Sosua, Dominican Republic | Luxury Guide

I decided to kick-off my new year with a week long trip to Cabarete and Sosua in the Dominican Republic. The north coast of the Dominican Republic is a great place to work remotely from that offers a variety of adventure and wellness activities. I will say, this place is far from luxurious but we did our best to find some of the finest activities – from sunrise yoga to beachfront horseback rides, surfing, and more, here’s my guide on what to do in Cabarete and Sosua in the Dominican Republic.

1. Sunrise/Sunset Yoga in Sosua

Begin your day with revitalizing beachfront yoga, whether at the Ocean Club Marriott or other scenic spots. Let the sun be your guide to inner peace amidst the beauty of Cabarete. Our stay at the Luxury Ocean Club Marriott property included several activities from yoga sessions to snorkeling. 

2. Surfing and Breakfast at Encuentro Beach

Feel the rush of the waves at Encuentro beach and savor breakfast at El Encuentro Surf Lodge. The beach is a totally rustic vibe, you’ll see random cows and chickens bopping around the jungle leading up to the beach as well as amateur and professional surfers in the waters. This is a great place to come for surf lessons, you will find a few surf school amidst in the jungle. Breakfast at the El Encuentro Surf Lodge is a beautiful way to kick-start the day. Make sure to get a fresh juice and try their local coffee. Although we didn’t stay at the El Encuentro Surf Lodge, it seemed like a serene lodging experience for those wanting a chill beach/surf vacation.

Encuentro Beach Breakfast at the lodge

3. Private Bachata Lesson in Cabarete

I love dancing and couldn’t recommend a private bachata lesson with the Latin Dance Studio Cabarete.  The owner came who is a professional dancer that has learned more than 20 different styles of dance and an EXCELLENT teacher. Very professional and he will come to where you are staying for a lesson. We found him to be reasonably priced and thoroughly enjoyed our hour long bachata lesson. Here is the number to contact him via WhatsApp: +1 829-830-4330

4. Oceanside Lunch and Pool Day at Seahorse Ranch Cabarete

Seahorse Ranch Cabarete Lunch, Pool and cliff views

Escape to a seaside retreat at Seahorse Ranch, enjoying a delightful lunch and pool session amidst pools and cliffs overlooking the water. The views from this restaurant are absolutely breathtaking, so good that we came for lunch and dinner to experience the different vibes. For dinner, they had live music and the food was reasonably priced. 10/10 for the views. Can’t miss this experience on the trip.

5. Kite Surfing at Kite Beach in Cabarete

This beach is filled with kite surfers! Such a site to see. I would recommend grabbing a coffee/bite at Vagamundo – this is a beautiful coffee shop and pro tip – an easy place to park and then walk over to the beach. There were several folks offering kite surfing lessons on the beach and many visitors of all age demographics trying the sport for the first time. We spent a few hours just laying in the sun and watching the colorful show.

Kite Surfing at Kite Beach in Cabarete, Dominican Republic (DR)

6. Beginner’s Scuba Diving at Dive Cabarete

Explore underwater wonders with beginner-friendly scuba diving at Dive Cabarete. The owners of this spot are so friendly and my dive instructor did a great job calming my first time nerves. Legit allowed me to hold his hand the whole dive. They will require you to do an online course prior to the scuba experience run by an organization called PADI that you will find a lot of places around the world use. It will take you about an hour on the laptop and prepare you for your first dive. These guys at Dive Cabarete will also go through the experience and take you on a practice dive. I will share that I didn’t see anything mind blowing on this dive but I only did one dive so would recommend asking them where you can see some cool animals/fish. The cost for a private dive for two people was around $150 USD. 

7. Snorkeling at Sosua Beach

One of the many reasons we loved staying at the Luxury Club by Marriott was the easy access to snorkeling. Our hotel staff kayaked us out just a little bit to go snorkeling and provided us with all the gear. The water is a perfect temperature and clear with plenty of fish to see. Helps if you bring some fish food 😉 

8. Sound bath Meditation at Natura Cabana

Sound bath meditation at Natura Cabana, Cabarete, Dominican Republic (DR)

Nestled in the jungle, reconnect with serenity through a sound bath meditation at Natura Cabana. Unwind and capture a mesmerizing sunset in this peaceful setting. Natura Cabana is a hotel property with an outdoor gym, restaurant, garden, and private beach. The classes cost about $15 and you can check out other offerings on their website here.

9. Horseback Riding on Sosua Beach

Although we didn’t end up making time for horseback riding, there are a lot of places that offer a beachfront horseback riding experience. A perfect way to end a day full of sun and ocean.

10. Sosua Nightlife, Cabarete Nightlife

As the sun sets, Cabarete comes alive with vibrant nightlife. Explore beachfront bars, dance to tropical rhythms, and immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere that defines Cabarete after dark. Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Bar at Bahia are a hotspot, make sure to check out their Instagram page/stories to see what the programming looks like.

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